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Roulette Hints and Tips

We have put together a list of the Top 10 Roulette Hints and Tips to help you to improve your house edge when playing Roulette either online or in your local casino.

  1. Play European roulette - The difference between "American" roulette and "European" roulette seems subtle - the American wheel has two green zeros (0 and 00) while the European wheel has just one. But the difference is significant, and European games give the players much better odds. Anytime you have a choice, play the European version.
  2. Look for "en prison" - On European wheels the en prison rule protects outside (even money) bets against a zero spin. This rule allows you get to keep your bet in place (in prison) for the next spin. If the second spin is zero, you lose your bet.
  3. Look for "la partage" - This rule is similar to en prison but instead of keeping your even money bet in place when a zero is ruled, you lose half the bet instead of all of it. This reduces the house edge on these bets to 1.35% for single zero wheels and 2.63% for double zero wheels.
  4. Avoid the five number bet - Betting on any six number by placing chips on the outside of the six number box is common bet in roulette. But NEVER bet on the five numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3, in this way, as the odds you will win this bet are worse, but it pays no more than if you had bet on six numbers! This is the least profitable roulette bet, with the house advantage at a whopping 7.89 percent.
  5. Watch for a biased wheel - If the casino is using an old or poorly constructed roulette wheel, there is a possibility it may actually be biased towards certain numbers. Track a wheel's outcomes for a period of time and notice any recurring numbers. There is a good chance the wheel has a bias to them! But, do not confuse consecutive hits on a single number with wheel bias. One number hitting two or three times in a row is not uncommon in roulette, but it is usually the result of random chance, not a bias.

  6. Watch for "dealer signature" - It is possible that dealers can be so mechanical in their spinning form that they actually release the ball in the same way each spin. As long as the ball isn't deflected by a metal stop on the wheel, you may be able to predict the section of the wheel the ball will land in.
  7. Spread your money out - Make small, spaced-out bets on many numbers rather than placing a large bet "straight up". This will undoubtedly make your bankroll last longer. If your aim is to hit it big on your favorite number, add to your bet on the number as you win from other bets.
  8. Don't follow betting systems - It can be easy to get sucked into the myriad roulette betting systems that are for sale. None of them worth anything. There is no "hidden" bet in roulette that is guaranteed to win. Do the math correctly, and every system will eventually return to the house edge. The casinos wouldn't be in business if their games were beatable, and the house edge is something all gamblers must learn to accept as the price they pay to enjoy gambling. In a game like roulette, your goal should be to have fun, try to win a little money, and walk away as soon as you have reached your goal.
  9. Even money bets are not even - If you're only interested in making even money bets (red and black or even or odd) and not interested in playing the inside of the roulette wheel, then consider taking your gambling dollar to another game. The reason? Even money bets on roulette have a house edge of over 5% because of the impact of the two zeros. Blackjack, baccarat and certain craps bets, however, have even money bets with house edges closer to 1%. Definitely a better bet
  10. Cash in your chips - Unlike at other gaming tables, roulette chips are worthless away from the roulette table, so be sure to cash them in before leaving! Dealers may give you a hard time if you return to cash in roulette chips, as they can be assigned different values at the table.

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